Hearing Test Clinic

Hearing test clinic

Updated 7/1/2023

A bi-monthly hearing test clinic for owners interested in assessing hearing in their dogs is held at in the Clinical Neurophysiology Lab at UC Davis VMTH. Approximately every other Thursday, there are hour-long afternoon appointments where owners can schedule hearing tests (brainstem auditory evoked response – BAER) for their pet. This is designed for healthy dogs, without obvious neurological disease, for hearing assessment ONLY (no litters at this time). If any additional diagnostics (like a CT or MRI) are recommended, owners will need to schedule a regular appointment with the Neurology/Neurosurgery Service for a neurological examination and hospitalization for other diagnostic testing.

Hearing test clinic appointment includes:

  • Brief physical examination by a clinician on the Neurology/Neurosurgery Service to assess general health and suitability for sedation
  • Short sedation for the hearing test procedure, reversed before sending home
  • Ear exam to assess ear canal and eardrum
  • BAER test for hearing (Click for more info)
  • Printout of hearing test waveforms (to go home with client)
  • Instructions & any additional recommendations emailed to client after visit
  • Record of visit sent to primary care veterinarian


  • Hearing test (BAER)    $150
  • Exam & sedation         $30
  • TOTAL                         $180

To schedule a Hearing Clinic appointment, please contact the VMTH at 530-752-1393.

Click HERE for FAQs about hearing test/BAER

If you have additional questions about the procedure or appointment, please leave a message on the Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory phone at 530-752-7267, and someone will return your call by the next business day.