One of the primary goals in our service is providing the highest quality neurosurgical care for our patients. Innovative procedures, translational techniques, along with state-of-the-art surgical equipment make UC Davis a leader in neurosurgical management.

A member of the service is on-call for emergency spinal surgeries 24/7, and we provide intensive post-operative care to help with the best outcome. For physical therapy exercises you can do at home, see our client videos on the UC Davis YouTube page.

In addition to standard back and neck surgeries, our neurosurgeons repair spinal fractures, remove brain tumors, implant deep brain stimulators for severely epileptic dogs, and are currently perfecting pituitary surgery techniques for dogs and cats.

August 2020 - Active neurosurgical clinical trials:

Bulldog puppies with spina bifida

Cats with pituitary masses

For more information or for a consultation, please contact us.